After signing up for a conference in Kiev (Oct 2017), I came across Veronika’s informative YouTube videos about the people and culture of Ukraine. Subsequently, I hired her as a consultant to prepare for my first-time Kiev visit. Not only did she provide invaluable information and guidance, she also put me in touch with her family members and best friend. I was picked up and dropped off at the airport by Yevhen (Veronika’s brother-in-law). Anya (Veronika’s best friend) gave me a half-day Kiev tour on foot. I very much appreciate the two of them taking time out of their busy schedules to help me out – they are very warm and friendly folks. I had a chance to visit historic sites including Independence Square, St Sophia’s Cathedral, and Golden Gate. Later on, it was a joy to sit down with both their families and learn more about life in Kiev as well as Ukraine’s economy/industry in general.
     For anything Kiev/Ukraine-related, I recommend consulting with Veronika as her knowledge, experience, and trusted contacts are priceless. She is full of joy and intelligent/witty, over-delivering on promises. I will be tapping in to her expertise again as I consider investing in Kiev real estate at some point in the near future. It is certainly without reservation that I offer this endorsement.
“Your videos were immensely helpful as I began to acquire and education on the culture and expectations of a visit to the Ukraine. As a retired airline pilot, I am used to traveling international however never to eastern block countries. My visit was to a small town in western Ukraine where my fiancé lives. I made the trip alone with no agency backup; strongly based on the information in your videos discussing Ukraine and my trust of the woman I really care for. In my opinion there is no better information to be acquired online than your videos discussing travel to Ukraine. Your personal consultations were truly invaluable! Thank you for your service!

Joe, 63 y.o
Houston, Texas